White Labelled Calculators

It is possible to have calculators, reference and other information incorporated into your exisiting web site, branded with your company logo, without the need to develop or maintain this material. This is called "white labelling". Even the return or home addresses can be customised to where on your web site you would like the page links to go. If you supply us with a logo graphic (or we can extract this from your web site), we will email back to you the links to embed in your web site. You can put these links in your website in any way you like. It may simply be a link on one of your webpages. You may add it as a drop down item on your existing menu. Alternatively you may set up a separate tab - whatever fits into your web site design

An Example

We show here an example for a company called "Your Company Name Here". Just visualise your firm's name and logo. Click on either the Calculators, Reference or Super Info menu options at at the top of this page. You will notice on the Calculators that you can either have a link to a page that shows all the calculators we have available from time to time - a fast growing number - or just incorporate a few you would like to choose. The same goes with deciding to include or exclude the Reference and Super Info. We work very diligently to ensure that the reference material is kept up to date.

More Information, cost and ordering

Should you require more information or wish to discuss any aspect, please do not hesitate to contact Brian Bendzulla or Cliff Senkbeil on (03) 6223 2320. Alternatively you can email us on mail@netactuary.com.au The cost is $132pa (incl GST) to enable us to set up your logos and links. Alternatively you can incorporate links with NetActuary logos for free. If you are ready to order - please complete the order form in the right hand column. An invoice will be forwarded with an email explaining what links to include in your web site. We are also available to assist your web person with any questions.

Order Form

Often we can extract a logo from your web site - but if you have an image file you would like used then please email it to mail@netactuary.com.au