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Family Law DB Valuations

The Family Law (Superannuation) Act 2001 provided for the potential to split superannuation interest on the breakdown of a marriage, like any other property. The regulations provide the methods to be used in these calculations.

We have a complimentary online calculator that values defined benefit superannuation entitlements that don't have special methods and factors.

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Testator's Family Maintenance

The dependant may be able to make a claim under the Testator's Maintenance Act if they feel proper maintenance and support provision were not made in the Will. We can quantify the lump sum present value of a future income stream with or without allowance for Centrelink entitlements.

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Life and Remainder Interest Valuations

The value of a life interest may be needed for family law, stamp duty, accounting, and/or Centrelink purposes - or simply to effect an immediate settlement. These interests are often created by a testamentary trust to leave assets to children of a previous marriage, but provide usage of these assets to a current spouse.

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Loss of Earnings

As part of the claim for damages following a workplace or road accident, both past and future earnings may need to be quantified. We can build into the calculations different contingencies and anticipated career progressions that are likely to have occurred but for the accident.

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Loss of Superannuation

The loss of superannuation entitlements following a personal injury can be quantified at the Superannuation Guarantee rates, or by taking the existence of a more generous superannuation scheme into account.

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Share Options Valuation

Value share options and share based contingent payments for family law purposes.

Fees (inc GST)

Standard Family Law DB Valuations - $385

Attending to an Affidavit - $99

Court Attendance - Hourly Charge

Testator's Family Maintenance - $440

Life Interest Valuations - $440

Loss of Earnings and Super - $440

Share Option Valuation - $330

Many other types of calculations

Many other scenarios can be quantified including the present value of: future care costs; public liability claims; investment losses; commercial disputes; negligent financial and tax advice, etc.