Our Team

Brian Bendzulla

Brian Bendzulla Consulting Actuary

Brian Bendzulla is an actuary with more than 25 years experience in Australia, South Africa and the UK. Since this is the second consulting actuarial firm he has built, Brian is enjoying the indulgence of working on issues that are relevant to retirees but may have no commercial justification. He has a particular focus on researching and building process solutions for post retirement, market and inflationary risks faced in retirement.

Cliff Senkbeil

Cliff Senkbeil Data Scientist

Cliff fell in love with computers at an early age, programming his first computer - the MicroBee. After years of: being an autodidact; theatre productions; and gaining a Science degree, he set about using his software skills to change the world. After Brian Bendzulla told him about NetActuary, he thought the idea of helping people with their retirement online was a cause to get behind. He is responsible for all things software and web.

Donna Griffiths

Donna Griffiths Financial Controller

Donna enjoys the everyday accounting and support functions that her role entails. Having worked with Brian for in excess of two decades, she considers herself “part of the furniture”. Often she will be the first point of contact via telephone so feel free to discuss anything from accounts receivable to the weather! In addition, office management supplies and positions vacant applications should be directed to Donna.


Garry Khemka Consulting Actuary

Garry undertakes Queensland actuarial tasks for NetActuary. He recently joined Bond University as an Assistant Professor in Actuarial Science, after completing his PdD from ANU in 2013. His research interests span retirement planning and superannuation, long term care insurance products, disability income insurance and personal finance.

Associated Company - MyPlanner Australia Pty Ltd

Philippa Sheehan

Philippa Sheehan Managing Director

Philippa's experience in financial planning and business management gives her the perfect background to run a national financial planning dealer group.

David Mardell

David Mardell Director

Through his years of working with dealer groups, David thought there must be a better and less frustrating way to do business - hence MyPlanner Australia was born.

Cathy Mardell

Cathy Mardell CFO

Cathy is Chartered Accountant and a Registered Tax Agent and brings the financial descipline perspective to the MyPlanner Australia business decisions.