Adequate Retirement
Income TTR Report


Adequate Retirement Income TTR Report

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Cost for the preparation of a
 Adequate Retirement Income TTR Report:

Fee $385 inc GST
This report provides answers to a number of questions including:
  1. What level of assets is required at retirement for a desired post retirement income target?
  2. Whether a superannuation guarantee level of contributions together with existing assets will meet this target. If not, what additional contribution would be needed?
  3. How could the assets available at retirement be improved by a transition to retirement (TTR) strategy for the same take home pay?
  4. If there is a shortfall, what level of forgone salary would be needed, and what would be optimal drawdown/contribution TTR strategy? (different to 3 above);
  5. For a couple, which partner should make contributions?
  6. Would a better outcome result from not using all of the assets available for the TTR strategy?
  7. What other refinements would be needed to have the optimal strategy?
  8. How could these results vary?