Pre Retirement Toolkit
Consists of Target Retirement, Accumulation and Investible CashFlows Projection calculators together with "A Super Life is More than Super" support pack. Click here for more info.
Post Retirement Toolkit
The focus here is on sustainable retirement income and controlling various types of risk calculators. The support pack is called "Keeping Your Retirment Balance" Click here for more info.
About Toolkits

Over the years NetActuary has developed an extensive range of Excel/VBA calculations to assist with advice tasks. We are progressively making these directly available to advisors. We suggest that where you need only one or two reports, that you use the NetActuary paraplanning service. Where the need is a more integral part of business, then direct use of the toolkits is warranted. We will assist in ensuring that these toolkits meet your requirements. We are there to support your business. For help or a general discussion contact:


Property Analysis Toolkit
There are calculators for both personally held and SMSF held property that calculate rates of return, cashflow support, gearing effect and risks, as well as a support pack. Click here for more info.
Admin Calculators Toolkit
NetActuary is assembling administration information, reference material and calculators that cover the esoteric - besides the usual - situations. Click here for more info.
Compliance Assistance
If you have a SMSF client with skeletons in the cupboard - or simply need some technical and legislative assistance - NetActuary can help get the issues solved and the fund back on an even keel.
NetActuary can design and present in-house workshops on a wide variety of practical retirement topics to increase the skill level of your staff.

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