Family Law"

Family Law DB Valuations

The value on the breakdown of a marriage of a defined benefit superannuation interest in accordance with the provisions of the Family Law (Superannuation Act) and Regulations.

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Life Interests

The value of a life interest may be needed for family law property settlement purposes, stamp duty, accounting, and/or Centrelink reporting purposes - or simply to effect an immediate settlement.

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Testator's Maintenance

If proper provision was not made for a dependant under a Will, we can quantify the lump sum present value of a future income stream with and without allowance for Centrelink entitlements.

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 Reference Material

♦ Base Amount Adjustment
♦ Post Judgment Interest Rates

For information on how to lodge Form 6 Superannuation information request for various superannuation funds ... Click here


Loss of Earnings

Following a workplace or road accident, both past and future earnings loss may need to be quantified. The quantification can include different contingencies and career progressions.

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Loss of Superannuation

The loss of superannuation entitlements following a personal injury can be quantified at the SG rates, or by taking the existence of a more generous superannuation scheme into account.

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Other Calculations

We can quantify share options and contingent payments; future care costs; public liability claims; investment losses; commercial disputes; negligent financial and tax advice etc.

 Fees (Incl GST)

  Family Law DB Valuations - $385
  Subsequent Report Updates - $66
  Attending to an Affidavit - $110
  Court Attendance - Hourly Charge
  Life Interest Valuations - $440
  Loss of Earnings and Super - $440
  PV of Funds Management Costs - $396

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