Data Input
Date of Birth:    
Start of Pension 01/07/2015
Current Salary Package p.a.:    
Current Salary Incr. %p.a.:
Account Balance 30/06/2015:    
Tax Free Percentage    
Transition to Retirement Intentions
Final Transitional Strategy Yr:
New Work % of Current
Required Takehome Income
Required Takehome Income Increases %p.a.
Assets Used for TTR Strategy    
Accumulation Ac Net Earnings rate %pa:
Pension Account Net Earnings rate %pa:
Apply Tax Bracket Creep Adjustment:
Apply Reboot Strategy:
Postpone drawings if 60 in yr.


This calculator shows the tax efficiency of a transition to retirement strategy net of supplementation of income needs. There is a separate report for TTR used as part of a retirement income adequacy plan, in addition to tax optimisation tool. These calculations do not allow for Low Income Super Contributions or High Income Surcharge Tax.