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Toolkits for Advisers 


Pre Retirement Toolkit

Calculators to assess what target assets will be needed for a desired retirement income level, taking Age Pension into account and how to accumulate those assets by retirement.   More Info  

Post Retirement Toolkit

For retired people one can calculate the level of retirement income that is sustainable, taking the Age Pension into account. This can incorporate a buffer or level of adequacy specified by the client.


Overseas Pensions

Where a pension value just before Australian tax residency is missing the ATO can be approached to estimate a suitable value for applicable fund earnings purposes.


Property Analysis

A Calculator that projects level of cashflow support needed; impact of gearing levels; which holding structure; rate of return to various exit dates and sensitivity analysis.


Legacy Pensions

A paraplan service to evaluate whether the pre 1/1/2006 defined pension can be made more tax efficient, optimal for TBC requirement, use of reserves etc. Click here for dataform.

White Labelling

Get new clients by branding up with your logo on a variety of engaging web calculators and reference material for your web site.

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