Current Opportunity

With hundreds of thousands of retirees affected by the change to the Age Pension asset test from 1st January 2017, a major consulting opportunity exists. Virtually every Age Pensioner - other than those on full entitlements - needs to reset their sustainable retirement income. We have a promotional branded web calculator which you can incorporate into your website to evaluate if the changes are adverse for your clients.  This calculator can have your contact details for those potential clients requiring assistance. Then a heavy duty Excel calculator, template SOA and NetActuary paraplanning service examines the opportunity to take mitigating action - retain ABP grandfathering, setting COL increases and step downs optimally, asset tidy ups, fixed term annuities etc. Please contact Brian on 03 6224 1145 to further discuss how to address this opportunity efficiently.

White Label Calculators

Calculators can be incorporated as lead generators into your existing website, branded with your company logo and having different promotional messages on each calculator.

Knowledge Centre

Overview of Aust Superannuation System

Solution Packs
♦   Adequacy of Retirement Plan

♦   Sustainablity of Drawdowns

♦   Optimization of Age Pension

♦   Post Retirement Risk Management

♦   Analysis of Property Investment

Retirement Plan
This paraplan calculates what target assets will be needed for desired retirement income - taking Age Pension into account - and what current savings will accumulate to by retirement.
Sustainable Drawdowns

For retired people we can calculate the level of retirement income that is sustainable, taking the Age Pension into account. This can incorporate a buffer or level of adequacy specified by the client.

Property Analysis
Analysis of optimum holding structure; level of cashflow support that may be needed; impact of various gearing levels; rate of return to various exit dates and sensitivity analysis.

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