Legacy Pensions
It might be desirable (or in some cases necessary) to convert these pre 1/1/2006 legacy lifetime and life expectancy pensions to a ML/TAP pension.
QROPS Tax Calculation
Where the UK transferring fund can't provide the entitlement value on the day before Australian tax residency, NetActuary can provide an actuarial estimate. Click here for dataform.
International Transfers
NetActuary can assist advisers with issues and tasks in this area but does not undertake direct client work in this area. Click here for a ROPS approval application.
TTR Settings
The tax efficiency of the TTR strategy can be maximised by a computational analysis of which is the optimium asset draw-down percentage to use each year.

Compliance Assistance
If you have a SMSF client with skeletons in the cupboard - or simply need some technical and legislative assistance - NetActuary can help.
NetActuary can design and present in-house workshops on a wide variety of practical retirement topics to increase the skill level of staff.
Tax Stuff
Actuarial Certificates
Exempt Current Pension Income calculation as required by Sec295-390 of ITAA1997. NetActuary will be offering this service from 1st July, 2018.
Adequacy Certificates
Legacy SMSF defined pensions need an annual high probability of adequacy certificate. NetActuary will be offering this service from 1st July, 2018.

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