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Our Services

Post Retirement Risk Management

Managing post retirement resources and longevity, market and inflationary risk.

Have you optimised your Age Pension?

It is possible with careful design to maximise Age Pension entitlements.

Retirement Plan
Health Check

This report assists couples and individuals to set asset adequacy objectives.

Investment Property Analysis

Holding structure, cashflow support needed, IRR, gearing and sensitivity analysis.

QROPS Assessable Amount Calcs

Calculation of the entitlement value on the day before Australian Tax Residency.

White Labelled Calculators

Make your web site interactive with branded calculators and reference material.

Adviser Toolkit Packs

The support we offered on an adhoc basis is being developed into Toolkit packs

Family Law DB Fund Report

Valuations of DB superannuation entitlements required by the Act for divorce settlements.

Welcome To NetActuary

For financial planners, accountants and lawyers we offer a para planning support service or the provision of calculators, automated SoAs and the technical support needed to deliver solutions in a cost effective manner in the following areas:

  •  post retirement risk management
  •  Age Pension optimisation
  •  adequacy of the retirement plan
  •  SMSF investment property analysis

NetActuary uses mathematical and actuarial techniques to empower advisers to drive better retirement outcomes for clients.

Managing Director, Brian Bendzulla